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Moonshine Range



Moonshine yarns are a blend of baby alpaca, silk and cashmere. It comes in various weights; double knitting, 4 ply and 2 laces. The dense softness and drape of the yarn gives a luxurious quality (the silk makes it shine slightly). This yarn comes in an off-white undyed shade.





















Our yarn comes from Britain, Peru, Argentina and Uruguay. We specify that none of our merino fibres come from farms practicing mulesing.

Our yarn from Peru, Argentina and Uruguay comes from small herders in the mountains where sheep are their livelyhoods, it's in their interest to look after their livestock, in order to receive the highest price possible for their fleece and guarantee themselves an income. Our Peruvian mill also provide education programmes to help herders get the best out of their animals.

The Michell family was involved in Alpaca as far back as the early 1920s. However, it was not until 1931 that Mr Frank W. Michell founded Michell & Co. in Arequipa, starting out as a sorter and exporter of the greasy Alpaca fibre. In 1947, Michell & Co. established its first Alpaca combing and spinning mill in Peru, thus creating and setting the standard for today’s Alpaca industry not only in Peru but around the world.



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Find a willing person or chair-back around which to stretch the skein. Remove ties by cutting the knot, one will be the beginning of the yarn. Wind one end around two fingers loosely, when there is a ball take out fingers, change winding direction and form a ball. Tightly wound wool will stretch and relax to its shorter state when washed.